Memes And Customer Loyalty: Logic Or Emotion?

Memes are already being registered as intellectual property

Today, a meme is a viral content that accurately characterizes a specific event or story but applies to other occasions.

No relevance — people won’t pay attention. Too confusing — the meme won’t be appreciated. Unemotional — it won’t be shared.

The meme voices what we don’t want to say out loud. The more audacious, the higher the coverage.

Memes are characterized by brevity and concentration of meaning. It’s a reflection of modern cliched thinking. Content at speed, without effort, without thought. When the meme is good — a person will stop for a couple of seconds, smile, and continue to wait for you to crack some interesting jokes, and then begin to look at your services. And eventually, that person will become your client.

Don’t be afraid that you will not be taken seriously. Being simpler and funnier and closer is much better than seeming like a stone giant who people are afraid to approach.

Memes are already being registered as intellectual property. So feel free to use them!

General Manager at Translators Family sp. z o.o., transcreation & localisation expert in Poland & Ukraine