A selection of the latest Instagram updates to tell you all about the current trends and to help you monetize your likes

How do you add a series of photos? The button that previously allowed you to upload multiple photos at once — the much-loved “Carousel” — is no longer available on Instagram.

Now, to add more than one photo, you have to click on the photo you plan to post first and hold down until the familiar circle for marking the next photo appears. The feature continues to work but has an updated format.

Blocking a user and all their future accounts

“By blocking someone on the Instagram app, you can block not only that person’s current account but also any new accounts they may create in the future,”…

There is no greater joy for an SMM marketer than an increase in engagement rates

But along with this increase in likes and comments, the need to be in touch with your account followers grows. Let’s figure out how to coordinate comments and maintain your reputation as a responsive and friendly brand.


This point applies primarily to manufacturers and retailers who often receive the same type of questions via direct mail or comments. For example: how can I make an order? When can I pay? How can I check the availability of goods? And so on. …

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From social media advertising to SEO promotion, all of your efforts are ultimately aimed at increasing conversions. And the last element that leads to conversion is the call to action.

CTA text: “I-message”

Form the call-to-action as if you were perceiving the information as a buyer. For example, in a recent project for an SEO promotion company, we used the CTA “I want my site to be at the top”. Don’t choose frigid “Buy” and “Order” — get closer to your customer.

Bonuses and triggers

Use triggers that will interest the customer — free, gift, discounted, etc. For example, a customer is often not ready to…

What is the difference between a well-selling text and a pompous one?

Customers often ask copywriters to write a “beautiful” text, full of complex adjectives and dithyrambs about a company. In such a text, you are sure to encounter phrases such as: “excellent specialists,” “vast experience,” “modern, unique equipment,” and other clichés. Such texts are not difficult to find: you will find them in almost any Google search. What is the difference between a well-selling text and a pompous one?


Everyone concentrates on their personal needs. This is normal. On opening a text, we evaluate whether it will benefit us. Will this product solve the problem I need to solve? …

Email marketing has been around for many years now, and we’re sure it will be around for a long time to come

Big brands like Waikiki, Pandora, Google are in no hurry to give up sending emails, and they are absolutely right because it is an unobtrusive and easy way to get conversions and leads.

But only if you know how to use this tool correctly. Working with email marketing is more than sending one or two emails every week to your subscribers. A brand needs to get the most out of its email marketing efforts. To do this, you can account for engagement levels, create different email templates, and even decide when they are sent.

Here’s a run-down of the five…

The world of marketing is changing every day, alarming or surprising us, but always providing us with new ideas and trends. Translators Family follows the news closely to stay informed and keep you up to date.

Today we’re going to tell you what you can do for your business right now to help it in the future.

Master the Instagram stories

Instagram and Facebook offer users the opportunity to share stories, and stories have always enjoyed great popularity among social media fans. Here are some statistics:

  • 500 million people watch and use Instagram Stories every day
  • More than half of Instagram users became interested…

Businesses are looking for strategists, analysts, advertisers, copywriters, and SMM people all-in-one

Businesses are looking for strategists, analysts, advertisers, copywriters, and SMM people all-in-one.

Yes, the integrated approach sells well! However, competent marketers know that the narrower the niche, the better the chances for good results! Why? Because it is impossible to know everything and be a super expert in everything — some area will suffer one way or another.

Moreover, if you save on something, entrusting everything to one person: posts writing, social promotion, sales, design visuals, blogging, contextual advertising, and SEO optimization, although you save on the salaries of all these professionals, you can squander a million in the future.

A common reason for bad texts is that humanists have little understanding of code, and developers like to throw around terms

How to fight it: listen, retell it in “human” terms — the IT specialist must nod in agreement. Important: the final text should be given to a specialist who knows the subject, for it to be proofread. This will protect you from numerous problems. And at the stage of edits, you will understand your mistakes and get little tips on the subject.

Reconnaissance before the fight

Whom do you usually write about IT for? In my experience, mostly for IT people themselves, or for those who plan to work in the field. The problem becomes more complicated when you need to introduce new developments…

Localization is the epitome of user-friendliness

Localization is the epitome of user-friendliness: approximately 75% of the world’s people feel more free and confident using products which communicate with them in their native language rather than in English.


Companies that do not pay proper attention to localization planning often make avoidable mistakes. The main problem comes from inappropriate relationships between developers, localization managers, and translators. Translated texts (usually UI) and localized versions are not updated in sync. For example, the code for certain text areas may not take into account that some languages need more space — and this has to be corrected manually.

This is not…

Let’s look at how a localization strategy is designed

Carry out a Personalised Analysis

It would be unwise to launch products to brand-new markets without understanding if your business has the chance of succeeding. This is a “why” market, and competitive analysis must come first. Do clients want your goods or services? What choices are available on the market? Which sales channels are functioning most effectively? The competitive positioning you use in one country often won’t work in another. Make sure to look into industry quantities, pain points, and foreign market needs before investing.

Stay Ambitious

Oleg Semerikov

General Manager at Translators Family sp. z o.o., transcreation & localisation expert in Poland & Ukraine

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